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Academy of Management

Marketing & Sales / Operational Management


The B.A. « Marketing & Sales/Operational Management» is aimed at technicians wishing to broaden their skill base and to others whose goal is to have a deeper insight into operational management.

The Marketing &Sales/Operational Management degree is a 3year course where entry directly into 2nd or 3rd year is a possibility depending on equivalent diplomas or experience.

At the end of the 3 years the student will have gained a solid knowledge of marketing & sales in general via the innovative theoretical program but, even more, will have reached a level of operational manager through practical application in internships and in-house group work.

This theoretical and practical experience can lead directly to finding an interesting position in middle management or to a continuation into a number of Master’s level courses and even wider opportunities.

Lieu de formation
  • 20 personnes / an / niveau d’études
  • Bac+1 à 3 (avec admissions parallèles)
Durée de la formation
  • 3 années 
Tarif par année
  • 6 500 € / an


  • Discover the world of different kinds of organizations and how they interact.
  • Take the first steps into operational management
  • Use the tools required by the business organization
  • Turn the human resource into the true added value of the organization.

Skills that will have been acquired on terminating the course.

On obtaining the degree the student will be able to

  • Analyze the internal and external environment of the business
  • Make a diagnosis of all the business’ resources and skills.
  • Negotiate and follow up contracts
  • Manage a team or a department
  • Decide on the best course of action to resolve the varying issues facing a business organization
  • Communicate efficiently and effectively.

VALIDATION of the UniMan B.A. « Marketing & Sales/Operational Management»» (RNCP certificate pending)


The B.A. « Marketing & Sales/Operational Management» is aimed at technicians wishing to broaden their skill base and to others whose goal is to have a deeper insight into operational management.

The program will tackle the fundamental aspects of managing a business, team or department.

In the third year the student will begin the specialization to either prepare entry into a post graduate course or to simply hone the skills for immediate integration into a business structure.

Admission is possible to each of the 3 years of the program if the level of study or experience is deemed equivalent.

Access to the 1st Year: Marketing & Sales/Operational Management

Admission is reserved to students having the equivalent of the French Baccalauréat. *

Access to 2nd Year: Marketing & Sales/Operational Management

Admission is reserved to candidates having validated the First Year of Higher Education studies.

Access to 3rd Year: Marketing & Sales/Operational Management

Admission is reserved to students having completed 2 Years of Higher Education.

Conditions for Admission:

Each candidate shall fill out and submit a Dossier and provide ALL of the documents requested.

This Dossier will be assessed and validated/declined by the School ‘s Admission Board.

Candidates whose Dossiers have been accepted will face an interview (face to face or skype/whatsapp/facetime) where the motivation for, and ability to follow, Marketing & Sales/Operational Management will be assessed.

The student’s General Knowledge and overall level will be tested by a Multiple Choix Exam which will be taken in English.

All students must, however, prove a Level of A1 minimum. Should this not be the case the student must prove that a plan is in place to reach this level before courses begin.



Understand the cornerstones of Management

Recruit collaborators and comprehend the various motivators including salary as the way to administer personnel.

Discover the micro and macro environment.

Manage a team.

Differentiate between Management and Leadership.

Learn how to guide the company and staff through change and societal evolutions.

Train colleagues.

Establish a social dialog

Become an operational manager

Master non-verbal communication and inter-cultural differences.

Manage an Events Project


Discover the company environment and its set up.

Contribute to the organization of a business by measuring its value creation.

Set up a needs assessment.

Learn active listening

Implement active listening.

Negotiate a contract

Communicate in English.

Use the social networks in corporate communication.

Create a website/app

Innovate continuously in a market which is in constant evolution.

Lead an Events project.



Understand how a business works and the way it interacts with its environment.

Assess the various legal forms a business can take and its establishment.

Set up the budget for a department.

Distinguish between gross and net margins.

Set up dashboards for KPIs

Differentiate between effectiveness, efficiency and sustainability.

Assess working capital requirement

Understand the role of cashflow and settlement of invoices

Master the finesse of the Business Plan

Forecast the department’s break-even point

Launch a start up


Manage a start-up project

Work your own value on the job market (Internship/job search, CV, Resume, Covering Letter, mock interview

Set up an innovative career plan in accordance with the chosen business

Make te professional network a sustainable one (nurture it)

One to one coaching


Communicate effectively

Manage stress

Participate in some king of sporting activity

Learn how to pass tests

Defusing conflictual situations

Develop corporate skills


Sub-Block 1: Marketing

Anticipate markets to better prepare the future

Use the latest trends in a specific domain

Implement strategic benchmarking

Sub-Block 2: Digital communication

Sub-Block 3: Prospecting and pitching

Develop the brand and the way it develops its sales actions

Use professional networks to develop Turnover

Negotiate in English